Retire with Ease & Outlive Your Money while Enjoying Your Hard Work
Are you nearing retirement? or just retirement age?

You’ve carefully planned and saved over the years. You had the foresight to say no to a vacation or a new car and maxed out your 401K contributions instead. You’ve worked hard to maximize your income and the early withdrawal penalty goes away in just a few, short years. Meanwhile, the economic news reports are conflicting while the only thing consistent with Medicare and Social Security is change. It’s hard to know what benefits to count on and how much extra time and money you’ll need to make up the difference. Every year that retirement draws closer, you have more questions about when you should cross into that new phase of life


How will you know when you are truly ready to take the leap?

Retirement is still a few years off for me, but I watched my grandparents struggle when failing to buy long-term care insurance became a stressful burden. After decades of careful spending habits and good investment decisions, they watched their accounts draw down dramatically because of costly medical needs. I don’t want that to happen to any of my clients. As an experienced financial planner and Candidate for CFP® certification, I’ve worked with dozens of clients making final preparations for their retirement. Working together we’ll reduce the trepidation you feel about the receiving your final paycheck and plan for and celebrate that moment of transition.

Financial Planning Shouldn’t be Complicated.

My goal with each couple or individual is to review finances and provide you with a 1-sheet Executive Summary to guide your final years in the workforce and make plans for how you’ll fund your retirement. A Forthright Finances plan is comprehensive and easy to execute. If you are within 10 years of retirement, your customized plan may include:

  1. ASSETS REVIEW: Identify where your money is and how it’s grown
  2. BENEFITS REVIEW: What programs you are eligible for and how will they impact your finances
  3. TAX-PLANNING: Determining the most tax efficient distribution of your accounts, so you fully enjoy the money you worked so hard for.
  4. ESTATE PLANNING: Making sure that your money will pass on in the way that you want, giving you confidence and comfort
  5. INSURANCE: Preparing to take care of yourself in your later years, without burdening your family and friends.

You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned the right to confidently stride into retirement. Building a plan to capitalize on your remaining time in the workforce will help keep you motivated to the very last day. And when you get to hang up your tie or kick off your high heels for good, you’ll enjoy your hard work more knowing you’re protected and prepared to pass on your legacy.

Curious how long until you can retire?

As an independent financial advisor and asset manager, I can help you put a red circle on that date. You’ll look forward to it with anticipation with a plan in place to carry you through to your financial goals. Let’s Get Started