Retire Comfortably With All The Money You Need Without Having To Sacrifice Your Current Lifestyle.

Get ready to retire on your terms.

Trade Stress & Worry for 3 Simple Steps
Get Organized.

Gather all your financial information into one folder – your taxes, insurance, investments – everything. Let’s figure out what you’ve got and where you need to go.

Financial Planning Ongoing
Get a Plan.

Your Forthright Finances plan will reflect your hopes and dreams for the future and will fit neatly into a one-page executive summary

Grow with Forthright Finances
Get Ahead.

With plan in place, nothing’s holding you back from implementing the plan and make progress. For clients looking for long-term accountability — I’m here for you.

Your Options To Work With Us


Retirement Clarity Blueprint

●  A Customized, Step-By-Step Action Plan On How To Achieve All Your Life And Financial Goals. Written In Clear, Concise Language.  
●  Lifetime Access To Your Online, Interactive Financial Plan
●  A One Page Summary Of Your Life And Financial Goals, As Well As Current Net Worth, Income, Assets and Debt
● Uncover Opportunities To Reduce Investment Expenses
● Coordinate Your Sources Of Income In A Tax Efficient Way
● Determine Your Pension Selection Options
● Reduce Your Risk Of Running Out Of Money
● Claim Social Security In A Way To Lower Taxes And Maximize Cash Flow
● Strategically Allocate Your Money Into the 3 Main Tax Buckets To Lower Your Lifetime Tax Burden
● Free Access To My Online Course, 10 Essentials To Financial Success (A $197 Value, Which Would Make A Great Gift To Your Kids Or Grandkids)

Retirement Clarity Navigation

● Ongoing Support To Implement Your Retirement Clarity Blueprint
● Comprehensive Financial Planning To Ensure Your Life And Financial Goals Are On Track

● Annual Updates Your Retirement Clarity Blueprint
● Investment Management Services
● Quarterly Check-ins To Discuss Any Changes In Your Life And Answer Any Questions You Have
● Accountability To Complete The Things You Can’t Delegate To Us
● Unlimited Phone And Email Support 

Your Investment

The Typical Retirement Clarity Blueprint Costs $2,497.

The Retirement Clarity Navigation Cost is Asset-Based, And Follows Our Fee Schedule Below:

$0 – $500,000 1.25%
$500,001 – $1,000,000 1.00%
$1,000,001 – $3,000,000 .50%
$3,000,000 – Above Negotiable
What to Expect from Scott:


I am a proud Certified Financial Planner™, as well as college professor of financial planning.

FEE-ONLY: I only earn compensation from my clients directly.  I don’t earn any commissions of any kind.


Every single recommendation I make will be based on what is in your best interest, not mine.


I strive to make all of my planning advice clear, concise and free of financial jargon.


Your plan will include easy to follow steps to help you implement and stick with your plan.

What I Expect from You:


Your questions are my guide to helping smooth out the transition you are facing.


Telling me about your hopes and dreams will guide how I can best help you get to where you want to go.


Any great working relationship depends on timely communication and mutual trust. I’ll work hard to keep yours and I hope you will too.

What’s in Comprehensive Planning?



Cash Flow Financial PlanningCASH FLOW & BUDGETING


Financial Planning with Net Worth TrackingNET WORTH TRACKING


Financial Planning Emergency FundEMERGENCY FUND


Financial Planning Paying Off DebtDEBT PLANNING


Financial Planning for Investment Management INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT


Financial Planning Enough InsuranceINSURANCE REVIEW




Financial Planning 529 Education SavingsEDUCATION SAVINGS PLAN


Financial Planning Estate PlanningESTATE PLANNING


Confidence comes with clarity.

Every Forthright Finances plan is tuned to your goals and your family. When we meet to assess your needs I will detail the specific parts of the plan I recommend for you. They may include:


Make sure that you’re spending is in line with your goals, and get tips for getting and staying on track.


What’s the right way to handle your debt? Should you pay it all off or make minimum payments?


How can you save in a tax efficient way for you child’s future?


Are you making the most of the benefits you’ve earned at work?


Will your loved ones be secure financially if you couldn’t work?


Do your investments match with your goals? Are they being reviewed regularly for any changes in your life?


When do you want to retire? When can you retire? Will your money outlive you?

Time is your biggest ally. Let’s get started today.

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