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Discover How To Protect Your 401K From Impending Tax Increases, And Create A Tax Free Retirement In The Process.  

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The 6 Steps To Creating A Tax Free Retirement

The Three Different Tax Buckets You Should Have In Retirement, Including How Much In Each One

How Rising Tax Rates Can Impact - Or Ruin - Your Retirement

How The Government Tries To Tax Almost All Of Your Social Security Benefits - And How You Can Avoid Paying It

Why The Next Six Years Could Be The Lowest Tax Rates We'll Ever See Again

Meet Scott

Hi there! I’m Scott, and I help people retire comfortably with all the money they need without having to sacrifice their current lifestyle.

I am a proud Certified Financial Planner™, the author of three books (and counting!), and have taught Tax and Estate Planning to college seniors majoring in Financial Planning at Cal State University Northridge. I am also the owner of Forthright Finances, a fee-only Financial Planning firm that always acts in our client’s best interest.

In my free time, I love going to LA Clipper basketball games (pre-Coronavirus!), watching the USC Trojans football team, reading about American history, and finding new hiking spots.

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