Build Your Wealth With Clarity & Confidence Without Losing Opportunities

You’re not quite sure how it happened, but one day you looked up and you were there. Arrived. A bona fide adult. With a career, friends, family, and maybe a house. It feels good. Your career has hit its stride and you’re working hard to make an impact on the causes that are important to you. Best of all, you’re making decisions from a position of stability and strength. What are you doing with your money?

And more importantly, what is your money doing for you?

Financial literacy is not taught in school (unless you geek out about it like I do) and a lot of us make it through life following conventional wisdom or mirroring what our parents do with their money. Sometimes we bring bad financial habits into relationships and struggle to get on the same page with our partner. We all slip up from time to time and can pick up habits along the way that divert us from our true goals and intentions.

Do you need a guide or can you hack it on your own?

Knowing who to trust isn’t always clear. Some self-proclaimed planners are actually insurance salesmen in disguise. Conflicting information added to the sheer volume of available options turns a lot of people off from financial planners altogether. On the other hand, conflicting information and a wide range of choices are exactly why a financial planner can be your greatest ally. Together, you can avoid common pitfalls, make continuous adjustments to your plan and take advantage of your greatest advantage–time.

What you do now changes everything.

You are in your prime and your income is strong. You have the opportunity to leverage your money and transform it into security and wealth. All you need is a plan to get you there. As a financial advisor, I work hard to make financial planning comprehensive and accessible. I’m an independent planner, so you never have to worry about me pitching the “product of the month” to meet a quota or make my boss happy. My only goal is to give you the best advice possible. If you know you can’t afford to go any longer without professional financial advice, tailored to you and your goals, let’s set up a time to talk.

Our 30-minute discovery call will help you know if I’m the right financial planner for you.

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