What The Pope Slap Can Teach You About Investing

Did you see what the Pope was up to earlier this week?

It’s been all over the news, and it’s kind of been hard to ignore.

The Pope was making his way through a crowd, and a woman touched him (not unusual).  But it escalated when she actually held on to the Pope’s hand and wouldn’t let go, at which point the Pope gave this woman’s hand a slight slap to get her to release her hand.

Here’s the video:

I’ve actually seen a few people in the media get on the Pope’s case about this, but I think he was in the right.  The wrist slap was quite tame. This woman had no right to hold onto him. And he was simply establishing proper boundaries.

Proper boundaries are essential for getting along with others, maintaining good friendships, and navigating crowds of strangers like the Pope does on the regular.

Proper boundaries are also essential to wise investing.

For instance, when you invest, are you going to put all of your money into high risk, high reward single stocks?  Or are you going to put all of your money into low risk, low reward bonds and CDs?

I hope you said that you wouldn’t do either of those things!

Here at Forthright Finances, I firmly believe in having proper boundaries for your investment choices.  Yes, that means some of your money might be in stocks, while some might be in bonds.  

But it goes beyond that.  We will also make sure that you have the right boundaries for what is allocated in the U.S., as well as what is invested internationally.

And finally, we will make sure you have your money invested in large, medium and small sized companies.

So if you want to find out how we can help you set proper investment boundaries (without the pope slap), set up your free call with us here.