Do What Feels Uncomfortable

Last week we saw the season finale of my favorite guilty pleasure, The Bachelor.

Our bachelor Peter finally got down to his final two ladytestants, Madison and Hannah Ann.

Sadly for Peter, his first choice (Madison) broke up with him before he ever got the chance to propose.  

Which meant that it was down to one ladytestant, Hannah Ann.  Not wanting to go home single (the show is basically built around a proposal at the end), Peter proposed to Hannah Ann and she happily accepted.

One month later, our dummy bachelor Peter breaks off the engagement, telling Hannah Ann that he still has feelings for Madison (duh).  It was painful to watch, and frankly cruel of Peter to put Hannah Ann through that.

But I do have to give Peter one small piece of credit: He did the right thing in the end, even though it was deeply uncomfortable.

He broke off an engagement to a woman he wasn’t in love with.  Yes, he never should have asked her in the first place.  

But I have to give him credit for owning up to his mistake and doing the right thing, which was hard and uncomfortable.

We are currently going through a very hard and uncomfortable time in the world right now with the Coronavirus.  And many people have asked me, “What do we do now?”

I say, follow Peter’s example, and do the hard thing – even if it’s very uncomfortable.

I was speaking with a client last week, and we talked about using some extra cash to invest in the market.  “Should we really be investing right now? It’s scary.”

I’m not going to deny that this is a scary time in the world, and in the stock market.  But history has taught us that the right thing to do, in terms of our investments, is to buy when everyone else is panicking.  

No, I don’t know when this will end.  No, I don’t know if this is the bottom.  No one knows either of those things. Please ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

But if you need help doing the right thing with your investments, even if it’s uncomfortable, I’m here to help.  I’m currently offering a free portfolio review where we will go over your investments, and discuss potential improvements you can make.   You can sign up here: Free Portfolio Review.

Stay Healthy!

PS – later this week I will be creating a webinar on “How To Disinfect Your 401K From The Coronavirus” – this webinar will have 5 tips that you can take advantage of to keep your retirement on track.  Will hit your inbox shortly.