This Is How Warren Buffett Makes His Money
The coronavirus fears have continued their effect on the stock market.

Just today, the US stock market is down around 7.6%.  And the markets are down around 19% from their all time highs earlier this year.

Naturally, this leads lots of us to ask, “what should we do now?”

I was actually talking to one of my favorite, and smartest, clients earlier today.

She didn’t want to sell her investments.  And she wasn’t happy with just holding on to what she currently has.  She actually wanted to buy more.

And I said something to her that I wanted to share with all of you.  I said:

“This is exactly how Warren Buffett makes his money.”

In my mind, Mr. Buffett is the greatest investor of all time.  He is not only great at selecting which companies will excel over the long term, but he is also a master of his emotions.

And he uses times like these, when there is something creating uncertainty in the markets, and the news media is frankly adding fuel to the fire, as opportunities to buy investments at much lower valuations when they were previously.

Which makes his investments all the more profitable over the long term.  Because when everyone else is selling at lower prices, he’s actually buying.  

The thing is, you too can use the same strategy.  You can beef up your retirement savings, your kids college fund, or any other financial goal you may have.  

The one catch?  You must control your emotions and not freak out when everyone else is panicking. 

If you want a little more Warren Buffett mojo in your life, and less CNBC panic, you can schedule a free consultation with me right here.  

What makes this an even better deal than normal?  We’ll meet virtually so we don’t have to worry about awkwardly avoiding a Coronavirus-filled handshake 😉