Kobe’s Advice To Be A Better Investor

Yesterday was the memorial services for Kobe Bryant.

It was full of very powerful and emotional speeches and tributes.

My favorite came from Shaquille O’Neal, who was teammates with Kobe early on in his career.

Shaq was quoting a philosophy that Kobe had shared with him, and here’s what Shaq said:

Everything negative, all pressures and challenges, is all an opportunity to rise.

Shaq and Kobe discussed this in reference to basketball, but it can apply to all areas of life, and even investing.

For instance, this week, we’ve seen a couple very bad days for the stock market because of fears about the coronavirus.

What are we to do with these fears?  Sell all of our investments? Move all of our money into gold?  I hope not!

Instead, taking a lesson from Kobe, we should see this downward swing as an opportunity to improve our investments and portfolio.  

Maybe we can use some idle cash and get invested.  Maybe we can check to see if our portfolio is properly invested in the right funds, or in the right allocations.  Or maybe we can check to make sure we are properly diversified.

Whatever it is, let’s learn from Kobe and use this challenge as an opportunity to do even better.  

If you’d like help, click this link and let’s get started.