Even Nancy Pelosi Wouldn’t Rip This Up
On Tuesday night we had the latest episode of our country’s political reality TV show.  

As I’m sure you heard, the feud between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi is only getting worse. It started out when Trump apparently avoided shaking hands with Pelosi before the speech.

And after the speech the feud escalated, as Pelosi ripped up Trump’s speech in half, right as he finished.

She felt like the speech was so bad it wasn’t even worth the paper it was written on.

I’m not going to get into the drama here – I’ll save that for when I write about The Bachelor.But it did remind me of something that I create for clients – 2-3 pages that contain my summary of their financial plans.

You see, every new client that I work with gets a 1 page snapshot of where they are today with their money, as well as 10-15 actionable steps that they can take to improve their finances and win with money.

What my clients love about this is that it’s simple to understand, and has clear recommendations on what they need to do. Without any financial jargon or confusion.  

If you want your own clear and customized financial plan, that is so full of value and clarity that not even Nancy Pelosi would rip it up, then click this link and let’s get working on it. 

PS You can take a peak at the first page of a sample plan here: