The bachelor ladies teach you realistic expectations

We’ve reached the point in The Bachelors season where the bachelor and our ladytestants leave their mansion in Malibu and travel around the world finding true reality TV show love.

Previous seasons have taken them to Singapore, the Bahamas, Belize and Aruba.

So its no shock that the ladytestants were quite excited to hear from our host Chris Harrison on where they were off to next.

Check out this picture to see their excitement as they awaited to hear the show’s next location:

So where are they off to? The Cayman Islands? Fiji? Nope….try Cleveland Ohio…..

Not quite as glamorous as the other locations I mentioned.

And the ladytestants were less than enthused….

These are actual before and after pictures!

As you can see, the ladytestants were quite disappointed.

Yes, sometimes you can travel to amazing places on the bachelor. But sometimes the places they pick are…bleh. Just okay.

It’s the same thing with your investment returns.

Some years, you’re going to get great investment returns that knock your socks off.

But other years, frankly, you might be a little disappointed with your returns.

Just like the Bachelor doesn’t take exotic trips all the time, your investments aren’t going to get you double digit returns all the time.

It’s important to have realistic expectations of what your investments can, and should be doing for you.

Not sure what to expect? Or if your investments are living up to expectations? Click this link and we’ll make sure you are better prepared for the ups and downs of investing than our ladytestants.